Thursday, 3 February 2011

They're reading this blog...

..I'm in for it.

After pointing put the cuteness of a pack of hunting dogs yesterday and their penchant for licking babies those vicious little fox bastards have got in on the act.

Today's Daily Mail has a frankly terrifying video showing in great detail the lengths these beasts will go to mimic friendly animals in order to ingrate themselves into your trust, get inside your house and then eat your babies.

WARNING - the following footage may not be suitable for those of a nervous disposition.

As the newspaper itself points out; "Stupid it may be, but with its long pink tongue and high-pitched yelping noises, no-one would want to be the other side of the glass."

That's right nobody would want to be on that side of the glass. Inside their own home. Within slurping distance of this wild murderer as he licks the blood of your brethren off your very own patio doors. He's laughing at you. That's what the high-pitched yelping is. The maniacal laughter of a nonchalant attack fox.

Notice halfway through; that brave, brave cat sneaking past the fox. I imagine it is probably sneaking out more vulnerable family members away from Mr Fox's world of pain.

Well I for one am not going to be threatened by any hedge dwelling bin thief. The time has come people to take the war to the woodland. I urge all of you, man, woman & child, to put on some weight, mate with your sibling, blow a trumpet and kill a fox.

Yeah you like that Basil? I'm coming for you as soon as I've polished my horn.

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