Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Snitch mapping

 The DM is covering the launch of a new Home Office initiative allowing people to search by their (or anyone elses...) postcode to see the number of reported crimes.  Go to police.uk and enter your postcode.  This of course has sent the DM readership into a frenzy which in turn took the crime mapping site down.  Read more at:

As most normal folk don't give a rats ass they have taken to quoting their own comments section to pad out the main article:

Frustrated, readers aired their anger at being unable to access the website at MailOnline. One posted 'It doesn't work and won't load; and don't tell me the server is overloaded. Things either work or they don't.'

(Don’t tell me there’s no petrol in the car. Something either works or it doesn’t.)

A short while earlier one wrote
'Someone has nicked the server' while another posted 'Doesn't even load! Stupid website.' - Could Homer Simpson be commenting on Mail online?

In true DM style Dave from Chorleywood is my favourite commenting;
"What a load of rubbish - what it is mapping is how many complaining babies there are in your street who would soon call the police than sort the problem out themselves i.e poeple [sic] with no back-bone or sense of self reliance or self respect I prefer to call it snitch mapping."

Of course what we don’t know about Dave from Chorleywood is that he’s a world renowned consulting detective and he doesn’t need any help from the woefully incompetent police force. God love him and his bloodhound style nose for burglars.

I actually prefer the term ‘Ghetto-forming’ to snitch mapping. All it would take is one drunk to run down a street whacking cars with a tennis racquet and bingo, a dozen crime dots appear on the map and people start avoiding the area. Before you know it it looks like Kabul and there’s packs of wild dogs roaming the streets attacking honest to goodness tax payers. Something must be done, won’t somebody please think of the children / houseprices. Diana / Thatcher / Hitler / Suri Cruise wouldn’t have let this happen. Gordon Brown must be made to pay.

Sorry - don't know what came over me then I suddenly had the feeling that all my woes were down to anyone with less money than me. Bastards.

 Thanks to GG for some top quality spotting.
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