Rogues gallery

Mail online's crazy articles are but a supporting actor to the real stars of the show, the comments.

While there's very much types of commentators; the angry, the scared, the crazy, the incoherent, the racist... there are also some very special individuals.

This is a place where we can honour their contribution to British society.

Please feel free to nominate your own additions to this roll of honour.

(Old) Robert, Worcester UK
Maybe one of the good guys? Hard to tell. Who knows what his opinion is? Certainly not him. He's a contrary man, who I'm happy to report, seems to revel in holding the opposite view to almost everyone in the world.

A tax-payer, england as was not eu
The handle say it all. Here is your archetypical Daily Mail aficionado, anti-EU, anti-benefits, understands that all his ails in the world are either Gordon Brown or Tony Blair's fault, thinks climate change is just another way to get his pocket picked. Able to find the downside in any given situation.

Pat, Norfolk (Sometimes PAT, NORFOLK)
She's seen and done it all this gem, and if her life experience has told her anything it's that she did alright despite the world and now the world's out to get her back. UKIP would probably save her, or Mrs Thatcher maybe. Well someone ought to be hanged regardless

Mr. J. Smith, Birmingham, England
A commentator so popular he's got his own thread on the Mail Watch forum. He's not keen on Socialists (Or maybe socilists) and beware that may mean you. Would you help a stranger? Would you give 10p to a tramp for a cuppa?  Would you take your hand off the chav's head so he doesn't drown in the toilet bowl? Well die socialist scum. Die.

Roger, Brighton
Believes there may be a lefty plot to take over the DM's website as it appears some people don't agree with his take on the world that the poor have made such a mess of the UK economy that they should be starved to death. I think he might have mummy issues as he certainly wants a strong woman to make a bitch of him. Thinks Princess Anne should become Queen after our current monarch.

Alan, Beverly, e.yorks.
The poor bloke. He's fighting a losing battle trying to inject some rationality into the pit of ignorance that is the Daily Mail comments sections. Although he could easily be a plant from Labour HQ...

Yvonne, west midlands, uk
Now she is a plant. Definite Tory troll laying in wait for opportunities to prove how the world is full of hoodies trying to steal your money, lazy gets living it up in Disneyland paid for by you and gays, doing whatever it is gays do. Probably costs the honest to goodness taxpayer somehow. If only we could somehow make the rich a bit richer, that would surely help.

More to follow...

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