Monday, 7 February 2011

Dream job

Over at Enemies of Reason they've found a magic way for us all to have a cheeky little dig at the Daily Mail!

They're looking for pup journalists to join their year long training scheme and want your cv and a 200 word cover letter stating why you'd be the ideal choice.
Dress smart for the interview
EoR has done a stand up job of writing an application, so I'm not going to embarrass myself by trying my hand at it and publishing here (Although if I did I would hark back to that strong 80s government that knew what it wanted, and how it's all gone to hell since that wonderful leader was forced out. P.W.Botha, what a hero...) But I do recommend you nip over and enjoy.

Looks like more people are getting in on the gig...

Primly Stable
Angry Mob
The pursuit of happYness
Daily Quail

Maybe I will write an application after all... Best Blogger Tips

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