Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Basil Brush must be stopped

This island of ours, for years a safe and tranquil harbour from the dangers of the world, is being over run - and no one is safe.

Wild animals are taking advantage of our good nature and are attacking people left, right and centre. In the latest horrifying episode a woman was attacked by a carnivorous predator in Fraddon, Cornwall.

These beasts, close relatives of the wolf, are not only attacking innocents but doing it with an attitude.

"She got out of her Peugeot 206 after the nonchalant fox, sitting in the middle of the road, didn't move when she honked her horn"

That's right. We're dealing with a nonchalant attack fox. Great white sharks, Funnel-web spiders, Bengal tigers, Grizzly bears and Black mambas are but weedy little mummy's-boys compared to this red devil.

I will kill you with my nonchalance

The evidence is there for all to see. The truth bringer Daily Mail has had 25 stories about the dangers of foxes attacking people since May last year.

The reckless abandon of the last government to ban hunting these insane killers has to come to an end. It can't be a coincidence the fox attacks have increased since the election, they know their days are numbered.

As retired in Malta rightly says;
"Government listened to “Do Gooders” who think it isn’t right to hunt poor little foxes in order to limit their numbers. Consequently problems like this one arise as more and more foxes move into urban conurbations!

It's plain to see that the only way to deal with this very real threat to us all is to let rich inbred fat bastards hunt the blood-addled assassins on horseback with a pack of hunting dogs (They're completely safe by the way. If you put a sleeping baby in with them they'd probably lick it to death. No not death, death's bad. Lick it to oh let's say happiness, but not like that. We're talking about a baby for god's sake)

Basil Brush's time is up.

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