Saturday, 19 February 2011

End this Human Rights insanity

Is this really the opinion of the Daily Mail?

Human rights are for pussies
 To be honest I'm not really being fair to the journalists (By TIM SHIPMAN and JACK DOYLEhere. They're certainly not calling for an end to the rights of children and the introduction of compulsory water boarding for social workers. In reality they're asking - in a somewhat drama queen manner - for an end to hiding behind Human rights law; and end to people ignoring the spirit and exploiting the letter of the law.

David Cameron agrees, as he said it was "completely offensive’ to ‘have, once again, a ruling by a court that seems to fly completely in the face of common sense.’ He added: ‘I am appalled by the Supreme Court ruling.’ This was in respect to the ruling that sex offenders could be given the right to challenge their position on the sex offender's register.

I find myself agreeing with him. I don't believe there's anything you can do to stop what makes up people's sexuality, regardless of how horrific it is. So why would people be able to say they'd ' changed' and no longer had the same urges. The Daily Mail agrees with this standpoint...oh no wait a minute does it?

They were disgusted that a psychologist faced being struck off for promising to make men prefer Jordan to Peter Andre. So in their opinion you can change your sexual desires by talking and whatever else head doctors do - ink blots have something to do with it and laying down I think.

So maybe that's not their point. Maybe their point is it it bad and naughty to ignore the spirit of a law and comply only with the letter. The baddies have been poring through the HR legislation to find ways of bending the meaning and weedling their way round the aim of the legislation.

Yeah that's what's got their goat. Unless of course it's tax legislation and your trying to make money to spend on curtains in your (Insert current value of property here)
mock-tudor, home-counties, wife-swapping pad. No the official position of the DM is that it's morally implicit that you do whatever you can to avoid paying tax. The less money going into the country's coffers and the more going to Chinese purveyors of tat the better off we'll all be.

No, the real reason they're so damn mad is it's criminals that are benefiting and that - as everyone would agree is just not cricket. These people have been caught fair and square and now are crying "Oh Oh it's so unfair we were caught, what about my rights" etc etc.

Ah but that's the same position the paper takes on speed cameras. It's not fair that people are getting caught breaking the law and then getting punished.

I don't know what they believe and I don't think they do either. Some people say the editorial team put out so much crap on a daily basis because they don't have time to read any of what's written as they're too busy indulging in same sex sauna sessions and drinking Buckfast. That's what some people say. Best Blogger Tips

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