Sunday, 13 February 2011

IDS thinks the disabled are earning too much

This can be the only reason for this headline in the Mail today

Maybe he's fed up seeing those pimped up wheelchairs being loaded in and out of Ferraris on council estates up and down the land.

I want that one.
Of course what IDS fails to realise is that if he keeps persecuting the disabled like this they'll simply upsticks and take their huge wages - and subsequent tax revenues - out of the country.

More importantly where will it leave our paralympics team for 2012? Will we be reduced to smashing Sir Steve Redgrave's knees with a cricket bat a fortnight before the opening ceremony to make up numbers?

Only IDS can stop this happening by ceasing his evil campaign (Probably supported by Glen Hoddle) against the country's proud paralympians. Best Blogger Tips

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