Saturday, 5 February 2011

All the answers are right here

A completely predictable consequence of the government's education policy has been reported in today's Daily Telegraph.

The Everyday Champions Church in Newark, Notts has applied to set up a free school where they will teach children in line with the word of the lord in the bible, but - being set up in an industrial estate - will focus on business skills such as money changing in temples.

Pastor Gareth Morgan, the church's leader, told the Independent: "Creationism will be embodied as a belief at the Everyday Champions Academy but will not be taught in the sciences. Similarly, evolution will be taught as a theory."

Aside from the obvious point that evolution is only a theory, so could only ever be taught as such, it's obvious that the pastor believes that theory is a veiled way of saying something is false. This demonstrates the danger of allowing any nutcase to set up a school with only minimum guidance on what they had to teach and how it should be taught.

Given enough money you could set up your own school and teach whatever you like. A generation of children will be spilling into mainstream society with some extreme views of reality, and some rather dodgy engineering skills.

The bible states that  π = 3 so we could end up with some creative sewer sizing. Also some pretty interesting medical practises such as treating leprosy with bird and lamb's blood instead of powerful drugs.

Obviously it's not only Christian idiots allowed to set up schools, muslim whackos can teach sex education in an interesting way by insisting the thick man semen forms your bones while the woman's thinner semen is fine for flesh and blood. Might as well have a pop at the Jewish too while we're here, the school visit to London zoo looking for the four footed birds will be a big disappointment.

In fact it's not just religious crazies either. The David Icke academy's defence against lizard men classes will become popular in the lead up to any royal visit to the area. BNP's white only schools will eventually come under pressure to explain the educational value of a needlework class devoted to making white pillow cases and a woodwork class that only teaches children to build petrol soaked crosses, but what will we be able to do to stop them?
ET enjoyed his BNP needlework class

We need to brace ourselves for a generation of idiots coming soon.

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