Tuesday, 22 February 2011

One born every minute

New Labour's hidden agenda to darken the complexion of the country in order to drive up its pool of voters is uncovered in todays Daily mail comment.

They've done their research obviously - you don't go around making accusations like this just to drive an anger / fear agenda - they've got their figure of "3.2million foreign born immigrants" setting up home in the UK from respected (and by respected I mean right wing pressure group) MigrationWatch UK

MigrationWatch are a pressure group who "are concerned about the present scale of immigration into the UK". So it seems to me that they might have a reason to make things seem worse than they are. An example of this is one of the quotes from their homepage "England is already, with Holland, the most crowded country in Europe (except Malta)". In a similar vein it would be correct to say that Bats, along with Birds are the most common flying creatures (except insects). It's a nonsensical piece of information that allows the soft minded pantyhose wearers of the BNP to misunderstand and scream about the UK being the most overcrowded place in the universe, or even that Bats are stealing worms from the mouths of our malnourished cock-er-nee sparraws.

But anyway back to the Mail's main point. Tony Blair's belief that the darker your skin the the more lefty your voting intention. What on earth would make the god-bothering war-monger think such a thing? Perhaps, deep down inside he's a raging racialist, who believes - despite all the evidence -  that anyone who comes to the UK does so with only one agenda; free money and healthcare. Perhaps this anger is what spurred him on to follow his jug-eared Texan friend into battle, the opportunity to reduce the potential immigrants still alive.

Or perhaps the Daily Mail just makes shit up in their regular drunken editorial Nazi dress-up parties. Richard Littlejohn has a pair of speedos he thinks were once worn by Goebbels. 

No one seriously thinks this is Richard Littlejohn voting for another story
about Gypsies in an editorial meeting

(A more reasoned look at this story can be found at Minority Report)

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