Thursday, 17 March 2011

Mutton (Jeff & dressed as lamb)

I've spoken before about Liz Jones' decent into senility and it appears she's sharing more and more of her old age problems with the Mail's readers.

In today's paper she bemoans the posh people accent used by the presenter's on Radio 4. This is a fairly routine complaint, no one likes to be sneered at by the upper classes, but I don't think it's class oppression that's driving her anger. She hates chavs too, here's her celebrating the fall in sales at poor people's clobberer Primark.
Finally, Primark is on the slide Liz celebrates outside their Romford Flagship store

But it's not only the posh broadcaster Andrew Marr who gets her goat she doesn't like call centre accents either, struggles to hear what they're saying. Oh and shop assistants they can't make themselves clear either.

It seems like everyone's mumbling doesn't it Liz. I'm afraid it's either your old age catching up with you - time to invest in a deaf aid maybe?

Or maybe she just can't understand anyone who doesn't sing in the Welsh tones of her forefathers. It's a well known fact that Liz herself actually speaks in a delicate Welsh accent, like wot Windsor Davies does after a night of the brandy & cigars. Boyo.

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