Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Oh I see...

I couldn't understand why the Daily Mail was showing such an interest in Jessie J. I think she's alright, but very much Radio 1 material, and even seemingly taken seriously as an upcoming artiste (Like an artist, but involves more coke) and song writer.

She's definitely attractive, and in that 'Goldilocks zone' for the Mail being in between too fat & too thin, but really she could have been almost any pop star. So why has she started appearing at the right hand side of Mail-online so often?

Oh I see, it turns out she's experimenting with bisexuality. They knew that all along eh? They've been building her profile over the last few months so when the titilating news was ready to break their readers actually knew who she was.

Picture the scene those few months ago in the office...

"Breaking news lads! I've got a bit of a touch on, Jessie J drinks from the furry cup. Fire up the presses."


"Oh right we need to put some work in up front before we drop this bombshell."

Many Bloggers have noted the Mail's obsession with Suri Cruise. I believe they know something already and are waiting to drop the bombshell...

On a completely unrelated subject here's a funny video.

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