Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Stupid Fat Get

Minority Thought's already pointed put what the "BNP's recruiting sergeant" thinks about drowning Japanese children (Seems there are worse things...) but if you plough further through his rants about imams dressing as lady Gaga and his lack of opinion about Libya you'll find yourself a pearl of racism / stereotyping that gives you the impression he's been doing research (Yeah that's likely) by watching cine-films of Love thy neighbour.

They are Siamese if you please, they are Siamese so you drown them...
It seems Mr Littlejohn was a bit put out that he missed the furore around Midsomer Murders as this was right up his street. Had he been in the office I'm pretty sure it'd have felt like Christmas (Had it not been banned by communist vegan bisexuals fighting for to stop the oppression of turkeys by Paxo).

Oh what we can't all be white together now? If I want to wear a pillow case and set fire to my carpentry project in my own back garden etc etc...

Luckily for him though an opportunity to have his say on the subject was presented by the bestowing of a post-code on the Olympic stadium; E20 - the same as Eastenders. That's a TV show too, and it's set where some of those bloody foreigners live. Fire up the typewriter there's rights to be wronged.

The Eastend has a high proportion of muslims, or as some people like to call them terrorists, yet the TV show has white people in it who are poor and downtrodden probably because of that. It is on the right-on BBC and although it did have some gays in it - and they're a bit like muslims or terrorists somehow - Ross Kemp does fight the Taliban in his spare time away from the square. Tricky, how is it possible weave this complex stereotyping into a fluid narrative. 

You know what, I've a new found respect for the talented journalist. It's quite a tricky subject matter to get your head around and not quite as simple as demonising someone and blaming them for all your problems like I first thought. You need to be able to offer up numerous targets to allow as many prejudices as possible to percolate through and leave the reader in no doubt that somewhere, somehow there's someone out to get you 'cos they're all evil bastards and you're alright John. That's worth £700,000 a year of anyone's money.

Barbara gets the Littlejohn world treatment.
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