Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Scientists? Pah, what do they know?

No James it can't.

Taking pretend tablets while your body repairs itself is not Homeopathy working, it's your body repairing itself while you're giving wads of cash to either a charlatan or a well meaning divvy.

The reason people are shocked when you tell them you're an idiot (I believe you phrase it something along the lines of "Homeopathy can offer something to help better your health) is that they imagine you're a journalist and probably went to university. You might even have read a book and so it's safe to assume you should have a modicum of intelligence.

And yet you continue to disappoint them.

Your defence of this bunch of arse grapes rests on the fact that scientists don't yet know everything. They do however know that, regularly, Homeopathy fails to show any significant difference to a sugar pill in trials. People cleverer than me have been pointing this out for some time. So there is positive evidence of a failure to produce any beneficial effects.

You argue that in the past we used to be wrong about three things so why not Homeopathy?

"Until the 1880s, the experts would have laughed in your face if you’d suggested that malaria was caused by anything other than the miasma of foul air that emanated from swamps.

Until the Seventies, you’d have been ridiculed for positing that stomach ulcers were caused by a bacterium; until 1934, nobody even suspected that the major part of the universe might comprise something called ‘dark matter’."

What happened was they tested these ideas, found them to be wanting and so changed their world view.

Homeopathy has been tested. It's been found to be wanting. It's only the slow witted and cynical conmen that are still to change their world view.

Which is Mr Dellingpole?
Homer-pathy. I'm sick of him.

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