Sunday, 13 March 2011

Is he a liar AND an idiot ?

James Dellingpole not only believes in witchcraft but also apparently seems to think it's fair to use the horrendous events in Japan to support his oil fuelled "Fear, uncertainty, doubt" campaign against climate change.

His petroleum paymasters must be especially proud that he's managed to both insert an little more F.U.D. into the debate but also do it by making anyone who is against the oil dollars look as evil as Hitler's best man.

This is what James quotes Staffan Nilsson (president of an EU offshoot called the European Economic and Social Committee.) as saying:

And this is what the press release actually says:

He then goes on to quote a series of blogs to show that "warmists" blame the earthquake / tsunami on too many 747's flying across the Atlantic.  The same strategy has been taken (Perhaps unsurprisingly) by Fox too, both seem to have got the idea from the Daily Caller. (A website founded by a man called Tucker Carlson, a man who thinks that the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior and subsequent drowning of Fernando Pereira was just a bit of honest to goodness vandalism.)

It only takes a second to look round the shite I post on here to realise Blogs are not a place to get a representative view of the real world. 

Could it be that he has he fabricated a quote, and then backed it up by ctrl C / ctrl V - ing nutjob blogs into his published column?

Has he done this because ESSO / BP / Mobile / George Bush has dropped him a couple of quid to confuse anyone who worries that daffodils seem to be coming up earlier every year? Very unlikely, after all no one's shown us any evidence of this. So we'll just have to assume he didn't buy his house with Tiger-tokens, and he hasn't got a Saudi diplomatic passport in case a prostitute ever gets killed in his cellar.

Oh, and he thinks a glass of water would cure his herpes (if he had it, and I don't think he has) Best Blogger Tips

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  1. It is worth remembering that in 2010, James Delingpole was awarded the Bastiat Prize for Online Journalism, an annual award given to right-wing Libertarian commentators by the International Policy Network. The IPN is a global think tank funded entirely by donations from private individuals and corporations such as ExxonMobil, and exists to "promote the role of market institutions in certain key international policy debates", such as global warming.