Thursday, 3 March 2011

Murdoch's bitch

The culture secretary, Jeremy hunt, today made good on his election promise to Rupert Murdoch.

After promising him the opportunity to buy BskyB if he brought out his empire behind the conservatives they were nearly scuppered when not as many people as they thought trusted them. This put Vince Cable in the way of Rupert's plans.

He was soon dealt with and moved along, like a loitering teenager, to allow Jeremy (rhyming slang) Hunt to do as they promised. (some people say the deal was done at the same restaurant Tony & Gordon made their deal, and they ordered swan burgers and baby fingers. Not me though, I don't believe a word of it.)

The Huntster promised he'd abide by Ofcom's request to refer for s competition review but that was before Rupert's masterstroke.

In return for not giving the decision to someone outside his clammy Australian grip he'd sell off the controversial sky news section to some idiot (rolling news isn't the most profitable business, look how crap the ads are) but keep a few people on the board.

He'd allow editorial freedom but pay to keep the news channel going and in fact it wouldn't really be his as he'd only own about forty prevent of the shares.

What's likely to happen is sky news will be left to die to be replaced by fox news. Fair and balanced my arse.

I wonder how much mr Hunt gets paid?

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