Saturday, 19 March 2011

I do it Yes times a day

The Daily Mail is not afraid to ask the big questions, or the nonsensical ones. How much TV should your children be watching? Obviously less than the poor, but more than the aloof children of high court judges.

There has to be a happy medium somewhere, probably the best way to decide this is a poll. Let's do it, in the name of science (Not Global warming science, the other sort that proves cancer's caused by paying 50% tax or something). The Mail has embarked on such a momentous study.

I have two children (in a cupboard somewhere) one aged Yes, one aged No. Which one should have its own TV?

According to the wise readership the answer is...

Yes by a country mile.

I'm sorry Jeffery son you can't have your own TV, in your dank mouldy cupboard, until you come of age and can count off Yes birthdays. Something to look forward to I feel, until that day you sit and watch Jeremy Kyle mock the poor with me. Best Blogger Tips

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