Thursday, 10 March 2011

Country Flummoxed

If the words "This question is left intentionally blank" leave you bewildered then you're not alone. According to the Mail the whole of the UK (with the exception of the Welsh) is walking around gibbering at a new unfathomable mystery for Arthur C Clarke to investigate.

Opening their census English & Scottish morons have been left crying into their cocoa-pops when reaching the 17th question.

Question 16 - Yep check filled that in with ease, no cause for concern. Question 17?? Help help - it doesn't want to know anything?? It's intentionally blank, did they mean that to happen? What could be going on. It's all getting too much for me. Now where's that bottle of Windolene (Buckfast for the Scots of course) I need to drink my troubles away.

This isn't the first time the census has scared the hard of thinking. It seems it all got a little too much for a sensitive Canadian ex-pat ten years ago.

The tale of  institutional racism that left poor old Justin unbelievably offended will, no doubt, be swept under the carpet by the PC / 'Uman rights / "Elf n safety gone mad brigade that seem to run our once proud British, no no sorry not British, English nation.

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