Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Starkey - I don't believe it!

Historian David Starkey - who I always think is the one who believes Hitler was an OK kinda guy who meant no harm to those liars the Jews. He isn't though, although it would explain why he's writing opinion peices for the Mail - offers his reasoning as to why you should vote No tomorrow.

It's all to do with celebrities it seems.

Yes have a bevvy of right on super cool guys and No has Richard Wilson, famous for being a miserable old get.

However they don't do they. Richard Wilson was the voice of a vote Yes advert last night and is an ardent supporter of the Yes vote.

Next time he's on TV telling me about Henry VIII's 9 wives and penchant for Harley Davidsons I'll have to check. He seems to be making it up as he goes, bloody chancer.

I've just noticed another point that makes no sense. David Starkey states:

"I happily concede that AV and other forms of multi-round voting can work well when there are several candidates for a single important post"

Isn't this the definition of an General Election? Aren't we voting for our constituency MP to represent us at Westminster. Perhaps he doesn't think that's an important job, well not as important as some bloke banging on about the olden days on BBC2 anyway.

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