Saturday, 14 May 2011

Shipman's Soviet Republic

I've been lucky enough to spend the last week enjoying the sun on the continent. Unfortunately as it was work I spent a lot of time sitting on my own reading BBC news on my phone and then comparing their stories with the nut-jobs over at the Mail and the tree-huggers at the Guardian.

One of the big stories was a report by David Cameron's numero uno think-tank Policy Exchange that indicated Public Servants are hideously overpaid and probably steal pens from work. (Might have mis-remembered that last bit).

There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the Mail's comments how these wealth drainers in the public sector should be set upon by big dogs and then beaten with chairs until the higher rate of income tax is reduced. Very little thought given to the poor toilet cleaners of Sodexo who get bollock all money to wipe last night's vindaloo from the seats of hospital toilets up and down the land every Saturday morning. Not a care that maybe it's worth more than £140 a week to put up with that sort of shit - literally. Of course if that was the case then it's unlikely Sodexo would have managed to scrape together £6.5bn in revenues last year.

This isn't the opinion of the Mail's chief news-hound Mr Tim Shipman. The premium salaries and gold-plated pensions of these bone idle scroungers are keeping Tim's chinless offspring out of private education with their excessive demands on his declared salary, and he makes sure the blighters get both barrels in his critique.

However that might not be enough, so to ensure the point's wormed it's way into the soft grey matter of all his readers he resorts to Derren Brown style psychological trickery. Look closely at the header of this screen shot from the article;
God damn Ruskies everywhere
Soviet UK?? Really? Outsourcing low paid jobs to foreign companies, who then pay peanuts to the same people who've always done them, in order to make attractive dividend payouts to shareholders wet-slapping each other's thighs in the country club spa. This is what Wolfie Smith was fighting for is it? Well maybe it was, he was a Cockney from south of the river, but I doubt it's Karl Marx's idea of a socialist utopia. Or maybe I'm wrong and if that's what was going off behind the iron curtain then Reagan was right, they were a particularly evil empire.

"You are stealing my wages"
says Tim

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