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Littlejohn - political heavyweight

Just say No: Eddie Izzard is campaigning for a yes vote
 Eddie Izzard is campaigning for a yes vote

Littlejohn has heaved his bulk into the firing line and laid out his reasons for voting No. He's also (maybe for comic effect) misunderstood how AV works (Like the PM on the Today show this morning) and then peddled out some made up stuff to take up page space.

Let's look at the fatman's ramblings below

Just say No to those Alternative comedians
I've tried not to bore you with the arguments for and against the Alternative Vote system.

Because he doesn't understand them, but after jizzing over the killing of Bin Laden he still had a couple of hundred words to fill.

The only reason it is being put to a referendum on Thursday is to keep the Lib Dems happy.

Otherwise there wouldn't be a coalition government. We'd be preparing for another general election.

Adopting AV would be a disaster. At best it would be a recipe for permanent coalition government.

Why? That's not happened in Ireland and other countries it's used, why would it occur in the UK?

This Lib-Con pantomime horse was the only way to go last May, given the size of the deficit and the imperative to get rid of a clapped-out and cynical Labour administration.
But we can live without the puerile bickering and political sclerosis coalition inevitably creates.

Coalition governments occur when no one's popular enough to gain the majority of MPs, it's nothing to do with the  issues of the day.

Under AV you can end up with your third choice candidate eventually coming first. That’s how Labour got lumbered with Ed Miliband.

And the Torys got lumbered with David Cameron, what's the point?

At worst AV could produce freakishly large majorities, another bad plan. Governments with slender majorities tend to behave better.

So it's landslides only now is it? Two sentences ago it was permanent coalitions.

Finally, if we’d had AV  last May, Gordon Brown would still be in Downing Street, propped up by the Lib Dems.

I'm pretty sure he's thoroughly investigated this claim and not just banged it out off the top of his great big heed.

Since the principle of  any strong democracy is the ability to kick the bastards out, I’ll be voting ‘No’ and would urge you to do the same.

And what exactly does this last sentence mean? Where does FPTP let you kick out the bastards? How does AV stop you kicking the bastards out? Who are these bastards and why is there so much kicking happening.

What's he talking about?
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