Thursday, 19 May 2011

Banksy is back

After reading my own and the DM's critique of his work earlier in the week it seems Banksy has bounced back with some aplomb.

Vandals or tortured genius'?

Please take the time to really study the intricacies of his most recent work an excursion away from his normal stencil format but still a tour-de-force of the medium.

Note if you will the sexy swish put on the tail of the burkah, those toned (some might say popeye-esque) upper arms - no infidel bingo-wings here - and yet the come hither eyes still draw you in.

And what do they draw you into? A bargain that's what. £3.99 for a bikini top that uses three square yards of burlap is a steal, you'd be robbing yourself blind if you didn't buy one. Best Blogger Tips

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