Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Clear as mud

Putting up posters of nearly nudey ladies to flog knickers is bad and wrong. David Cameron says so.

"Cameron warned: 'More and more today, sexually provocative images are invading public space – space shared by children.
'In the Tube station, at the bus stop, on the billboard – there’s the creeping sense that we’re sleepwalking to a place where "porn is the norm"."

 ...and then it's all "nutcase Muslims off on another attack on our way of life" or as the exotic Lee tells us:

Although maybe I'm being unfair. Graffiti is a big bugbear of many many people, it could be the spraypaint job just looks unsightly. It's not very neat, they've missed a bit on the top of the leg and you can clearly still see the left boobie.

The quality of graffiti nowadays is significantly worse than it was in the olden days. I remember when Banksy was raw and his talent shone through and so does the DM. Critiquing street art does not feel like the normal territory of the Mail but they have taken to it like a penguin to Brent crude.

That's quite a roller coaster of issues so, just to check our understanding.

Bare women adverts are bad if you run a country, and complaining about them is normal. Taking action about them is evil makes you a religious nutjob and / or a bad graffiti artist. Graffiti as an art-form isn't what it used to be.

Any questions?

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