Monday, 16 May 2011

Jesus Loves Ya!

Stephen Hawking's tapped out interview responses in today's Guardian have caused a lot of rage to the God botherers in the Mail's copy and paste of the story.

Prof Hawkins believes Time travel is
a real possibility.

The Prof. thinks it's very unlikely he'll be running towards a big hug off Jesus the minute they turn off his machine and because of that the Son of God's devotees have attacked him. It's probably one way of turning the other cheek that he's not spiritual enough to understand, maybe they teach it on the Alpha course?

Just take a look at love on offer from these lovely lambs here:

Unfortunately people will alway believe what they read and, in the case of religious texts, interpret it the way that best fits their world view. This means that they can read any message or commandment into whatever text they so choose; Bible, Qur'an, Torah or (in Paul from Blackpool's case) Dan Brown's 'The Lost symbol'.
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  1. Prof SH explained that time travel thing in that book which everybody (including me) bought and read. It all stacked up, on the level of little particles whizzing around.

    I wouldn't give it any more credence than that.

  2. Well, at least those comments pasted above have been given the thumbs down (so far, anyway). Unusual for the Fail.
    Maybe it's readership were all repeatedly beating a black person over the head with a teaspoon at the time the article went online.