Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Please don't interrupt...

Pity the poor Home secretary she's had a hard day. As anyone who's ever been young and sat on a wall at night knows the police can be complete bastards.

Fancy giving her the silent treatment like a 14 year old in a strop just because they all get paid too much, that's just not on is it? To make things even more humiliating for the fancy-shoe-loving politician she was heckled! This wasn't a stag do at a sweaty comedy club in Walsall, this was the Police federation conference and, while I wouldn't expect a lightening response of rapier wit to deal with the foul mouthed drunk, I think in this case she may have had time to rustle up a memorable response.

PC Rathband didn't leap from his seat and scream incoherent abuse at her. He didn't shout out a clever or salient point that would stop her in her tracks, he didn't even put his hand up and wait to be invited to make his point. No, the officer in question took heckling to a new level - something that may well have put the fear of God into professional comedians the land over.

Having set up his video recorder and television beforehand he had an accomplice lay in wait and poised with his finger hovering over the pause button to unleash the heckle on the poor unsuspecting minister. At the given signal his helper (an experienced supply teacher) wheeled out the TV/Video trolley onto stage, aimed it towards the victim and let loose - after adjusting the tracking.

It's the surprise factor that probably troubled her the most there's no way she could have seen that coming. She should have learnt from this guy. Just wait and something will come to you in the end...

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