Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Up the coal chute

An email from a friend and potential brother-in-arms against the madness peddled by the DM;

There has been a news story recently about a gay civil partnership couple that were refused a double room in a hotel run by a couple of elderly Christians.  They took the hotel owners to court alleging that their policy of only allowing double rooms to married heterosexuals is discriminatory and they won the case.  When I first heard this story I headed straight over to the Daily Mail to read their take on it. As you are an aficionado of the Daily Mail readers comments section I think you'll be agree that they have excelled themselves. Some of my favourite bits:
  • Looking for a hotel in York for ourselves (normal man and wife) I saw hotels advertising gay friendly. As someone who has spent forty years working in a hard dirty coal delivery job I naturally would feel uncomfortable in one of those establishments
I would have said that working with hard, dirty coal chutes would have toughened him a bit.
  • I'll stand shoulder to shoulder with them when it comes to the perversion that calls itself justice in this country. The thought that a corrupt judiciary can dictate how I think is not going to happen. I will not to my last breath bow down to this farce that masquerades as justice.
  • This country has gone totally mad
An unusual comment from a DM reader, usually it's the whole world that's gone mad.
  • Why are we forced to accept homosexuality? Why do those who are gay have to shove it down our throats?
Huh huh huh. Double entendre.
  • I'm sure these hotel owners would be shocked by what some of their married heterosexual guests get up to in their rooms. some of it is certainly forbidden by the Bible.
Ox coveting I imagine. Best Blogger Tips

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