Friday, 21 January 2011

The President's evil wife

Something must be done. Who can stop her on her crazy crusade to kill kids with cars. The Daily Mail that's who.

Michelle Obama's been accused of increasing the average number of pedestrians mowed down in the States by seven people in six months. She has managed this evil deed by the Machiavellian masterstroke of encouraging children to walk to school.

Michelle Obama blamed for rise in pedestrian deaths in the U.S.

Last updated at 11:04 AM on 21st January 2011

She's just a devil woman

How on earth this ever became a rational thought never mind a story in a newspaper beggars belief.

There is absolutely no evidence at all that her Let's Move! initiative is in any way linked to increased pedestrian deaths, and it's difficult to imagine how they could be. The road fatality figures were for the first six months of the year. The Let's move! programme was kicked off in February. Never before has a government initiative had such an immediate effect, especially one that encourages people to be more uncomfortable.

The Let's Move! programme isn't simply about encouraging children to walk to school it's designed to help children live an all round healthier life in an effort to reduce the increasing childhood obesity problem seen in the States.

Why am I even arguing. Only an insane idiot, who was feeling a little below the weather and had just banged his head with a divvy stick would even give this the slightest serious consideration.

It's crazy that sensationalist nonsense like this would be published in America, but expected. She is black and a Democrat and so must be up to something bad. I'm surprised she's not being tried on Fox for shoplifting vodka from Netto.

But why would it be a story here in the UK? Is it just the fact that a negative headline about anyone with none rabid-reactionary views gives a warm fuzzy feeling to the haters? Best Blogger Tips

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