Saturday, 15 January 2011

The Master Plan

What would Nelson say? asks the DM today as it's announced that one of the statues due to grace the fourth plinth in Trafalger Square will pass a resemblance to a Frenchy symbol.

Dead Admiral's opinion sought

Unfortunately we'll never know as I doubt he has the internet access or rabid right wing views required to get published in a moderated comments section of a Mailonline story.

Luckily we do know exactly what Bronco says;
This is all part of the master plan, to hand over the keys of our country to the EU junta, say it isn't so. The seeds they do sow, to reap as the nation is asleep..Apathy is the disease, as they take our country with ease, the political collaborators have slipped them the keys......................

This is the master plan. The strategy to remove all powers from our democratically elected government and control us from the capital of evil - Brussels - involves putting a  twelve foot bright blue chicken on a stand in London. In 2013. For a year.

I think we'll make it through this latest attack somehow. Best Blogger Tips

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