Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Ban Battery Acid for the sake of the children

Today's dangerous health scare in the DM aims to frighten parents about antibiotics.

Antibiotics increase risk of IBS and Crohn's disease in children in later life

Last updated at 9:10 AM on 18th January 2011

Unfortunately Sophie appears to have misunderstood the output of the study.

Link to Sophie's take on the matter

Luckily, someone far clever than me has listed and corrected the errors on an NHS website. It can be found here

The question this article, and the many others the DM publishes in its Health section, poses is one of morality.

Imagine I was to offer advice on getting rid of a nose wart to a friend. The friend would be aware that I'm not a wart specialist. In fact my advice about wiping it with bacon and the burying the meat in the garden on a full moon would (hopefully) be ignored. However even if it wasn't ignored there's no harm done - maybe a single missing rasher at breakfast.

Now consider I recommend dipping the nose wart in a cup of battery acid. This could cause some Daniella Westbrooke style damage.

My friend is still very much aware of my lack of credentials and would undoubtably seek reassurance of this treatment. Hopefully from someone a little more knowledgeable than me. This is likely to stop them hurting themselves.

But what if I posed as a source of professional opinion.

What if, every single day, I spouted off about all warty things to a remarkably large audience. What if I was dressed up as a reputable wart expert and used wart expert language and even (mis-)quoted known wart professionals.

What if I did all this and then said;

Battery Acid cures nose warts
Last updated at 9:10 AM on 18th January 2011

Don't get me wrong I'd probably follow up this statement with some bumf about how useful noses are and it's probably best only to try this procedure on your right nose, just to be on the safe side. that way you've got a spare nose should something go wrong.

After making a statement as a de-facto expert am I accountable for any nasal damage that occurs because people believe what I said?

Being a good friend I'd probably be up close for the disastrous face maiming that would follow, and this might well have an effect on my future advice giving.

If I was a bad friend however I might well never see the consequences of the acid sniffing. Or maybe I do see and think that there's milage in this. If that was the case would I think maybe here's a bandwagon just waiting to be jumped on. Oh the horror!

Car batteries are eating our children's faces
Last updated at 9:30 AM on 18th January 2011

The question it poses is "If I manage to get Battery acid banned. How many noses have I saved?"

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