Sunday, 16 January 2011

Spot the difference

The use of punctuation for propaganda purposes is beautifully demonstrated by Glen Owen. In his report of an Ed Miliband speech he shows how Ed thinks the Coalition is right in its drastic cuts.


Mail says:
We were too slow to acknowledge .  .  . that there would eventually have to be cuts.’

Miliband actually says:

From New Statesman's transcript of the speech

Why was the last Labour government too slow in the language that we used, after the financial crisis had created a big deficit, to acknowledge what our own plans implied, that there would eventually have to be cuts? Part of the answer is that we hadn't shown other ways of delivering social justice.

Is this the same as just making up quotes?

If you look through the whole of the speech and put the ... in the right places I'm sure you can get him to admit to all manner of crimes...

"We turned a blind eye ... to the squeezing time of our families"  Clearly demonstrating his love of suffocating children. Best Blogger Tips

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