Sunday, 9 January 2011

Finding the truth is easy. FACT.

There's a very easy way to determine if something you read is true or not, I'll give you an example from Drew in Nottingham;

"Clearly, not a great deal of intellect in Oldham; They're all crying into they cornflakes because the Coalition going to start making them work for their money...... The average Brit isn't stupid - cities primarily vote Labour and Labour voter on average have a much lower IQ, so are much easier to manipulate as Labour have done for generations while their two-faced politicians live it up. And what is wrong with the truth - the above is yet another unspoken FACT. YES FACT. And is the only explanation for Labour EVER being in power for three terms of Government. The percentage of voters with intelligence who actually still choose to vote Labour in this country is so miniscule they would have a hope of election. And no, I'm not talking about the 'my degree would only get me an O'Level 30 years ago' generation, who vote Labour thanks to their illusions of deceit cast on the naive and inexperienced for 13 years. If ever they get back I hope they face national anarchy...

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You see it? It's really frightfully simple and used in many comments on the Daily Mail. FACT.

By typing (Always in Caps, like you're a bit slow) FACT after any statement it becomes the undoubted truth.

This is actually hardwired into the internet by, oh I don't know, NASA. It is impossible to type FACT after something that's not a fact. FACT.


The sky is green FACT

Sheffield United are a great football club FACT

The Daily Mail is the best place to get a balanced and informed view on world events FACT

Try it yourself.
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