Wednesday, 5 January 2011

East Asian country outed as unfunniest place on planet

After seeing off the evil, floppy haired, pensioner hating Jonathan Ross the Daily Mail's moved on to TV Enemy No 2 - Frankie Boyle.

He's very rude

His filthy mouth and tasteless attacks on absolutely everybody (He may be the least prejudiced man in the country. No one is safe...) have been giving the paper chest pains and with his hit and miss Channel four series Tramadol nights, and now to add insult to injury he's had the audacity to bring his potty mouth to the BBC.

This is bad (despite the DM's similar distaste for the publicly funded broadcaster) and to prove it's bad they quoted two Twitter comments saying it is bad.

This was not backed up by the DM's own commentator's though, who appear to actually find his ravings hilarious!

Well most of them anyway. Norman Churcher from Hastings has this opinion;
it's not comedy, mr grumpy. if there's anyone less funny on this planet, i'd like to know who they are. probably from outer mongolia. meanwhile, i object strongly to the beeb spending my licence fee money on hiring boyle
I can only assume Mr Churcher is an avid explorer and has compared and contrasted many humorous anecdotes from far and wide across the globe. His careful assessment of the Yak based humour system used in much of central Asia has left him in no doubt.

Mongolians = not funny Best Blogger Tips

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