Thursday, 2 June 2011

No stone unturned

In the Daily Express' European Comment today Paul Nuttall, a UKIP MEP, invokes the important work of the bureau of investigative  journalism in publicising the excessive use by the European Commission of their corporate charge cards.

In a flowery piece of prose rallying against the Eurocrats and evoking images from classical history he even found the time to do some hard hitting investigative journalism of his own.

Apparently if you type the words "European Union" and waste into google you get over 35,000,000 hits. An inspired piece of sleuthing that finally puts to bed any doubts that the EU is an evil waste of your money. Woodward & Bernstein look out.

Inspired by his out-of-the-box thinking and left-field methods I tried some deep dive investigation of my own. Well I actually put the bins out first, otherwise I'll forget then have to do it before going to work in the morning and that always makes me a bit late and, oh anyway the journalism...

I typed the words "Daily Express waste" into google and got 52,500,000 hits. So what does this tell us? Some cynics might say it tells us nothing you f*cking dummy, but would they be right?

Probably yes, but let's head down the rabbit hole anyway into a world where this is significant. The Daily Express is responsible for 1.5 times the waste of the EU. If the bureau's data is to be believed it appears the Daily Express has pissed more than €11,000,000 of your cash up the wall on private jet travel. Something should probably be done.

Spurred on by my insightful discovery I toyed with setting up a campaign to demand a referendum on getting us out of the Express, but soon realised this would be a waste of my highly trained newshound skills.
Get us out

Instead I opted for another bout of snooping into a murky hidden world that demands to be highlighted.

If you type the words "European hairy women" into Google you get over 30,000,000 hits and the shock of your life. Best Blogger Tips

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