Sunday, 5 June 2011

Half a year of quality entertainment

As mentioned in a few other blogs today (here and here for example) the Daily Mail is taking a routine pop at the BBC for making a joke on radio 4 in which short-necked comedian Sandi Toksvig said...

Sandi isn't fazed by the adverse publicity

The joke, likening the Tory government fruitlessly holding back the tide of the deficit to the Viking King Cnut, has gone down as another example of the plummeting standards delivered by the BBC since they started wasting the license fee on such whims as colour TV.

The joke was actually broadcast over six months ago roughly the same time the Daily Mail started it's infatuation with the high-brow entertainment provided by ITV2 with "The only way is Essex"

It's an oddity how the Mail devotes so much copy to this televisual exploitation of fuck-tards as if it's some important reflection of the state of the nation. Since the beginning of the year they've managed to write almost 130 articles on the programme and what its dimwitted stars are wearing. That's five stories a week, most of them in the vein of:- "Woman gets pissed wearing a short skirt."

You'd imagine from the column inches devoted to it the average Mail reader is an avid viewer of this programme, but that doesn't seem to be the case. TOWIE (as we're to call it) reached its peak with a million viewers according to this story whereas the Daily Mail says it enjoys over four million readers every day.

As the vast majority of its readers have probably never seen the programme why would the paper write about it almost every day and even fork out to send it's chief resident harridan Liz Jones to Marbella in order tell us how awful she finds them. (That's saying something from a woman who today wondered, out loud, if modern medicine is keeping people alive too long) Is it maybe, just maybe, that if they publish enough photos of drunk women in very short skirts there's a chance that one day they'll catch a glimpse of a cnut?

There's no evidence this
is Liz Jones
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