Monday, 13 June 2011

Ethos of the Mail

The Prime Minister announces he's going to spend money that will save 1.4 million lives a year. Good or bad news?

Lets look at the scores on the doors...

Seven hundred and four people think Man_Gaz is wrong, it is quite easy to complain about vaccinating underprivileged children.

One hundred and sixty five people agree with Lee in Bradford that there's already too many people in the world and wasting money to stop them dying of a infectious diseases when they'll only end up starving to death anyway is like burning fivers.

There in a nutshell is the whole ethos of the Daily Mail reader. Given the choice between saving a kitten in a tree, a boy stuck down a well and a little old lady from a house-fire he'd rush into the phone box, change into his pin-stripe suit and swoop headlong into Barclays bank to pay off his car loan.

The Mail's kind of
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  1. It should be neither nor, not neither or.

  2. Alas Anon you're right it probably should.

    Unfortunately I started the blog on a whim without too much planning or thought, like many things I do, and now it's more hassle than it's worth to change.

    Also if you take a look around many of my entries you'll notice I've a pretty liberal stance on spelling and grammar throughout. However there are some funny pictures to make up for it.