Sunday, 26 June 2011

The sun always shines

Climate change is a crazy socialist myth, of that there is no doubt to the Daily Mail, and that's not just because they get a tiger token for every story they publish reflecting this point of view.

Additionally you'd have to be Neil from the young ones to imagine that you can create energy from anything that's not black and is flogged by a Texan, Russian or Arab. With this truth firmly in mind I can fully understand the reason for these two stories of grave public interest.

It's all a con. Now get down the Esso and buy some petrol or else people will think you're a Communist.

Unless of course you're selling the solar panel and have paid for a little slot in the LIVE magazine. In that case Solar power is the future man. Neil from the Young ones knew the score - now catch up and give these people your money.

It works - any storys published in newspapers saying it doesn't weren't exactly lies more...erm..well don't you worry your pretty little head about those. The sun's quite a complex scientific phenomenon and includes many difficult ideas and...OH FOR FUCK'S SAKE GIVE ME YOUR MONEY! Best Blogger Tips

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