Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The war on Vulpus continues

It's been a couple of months but in the background the war has continued unabated. This week our nemesis Mr Brush stepped it up a notch by nipping in for an Italian.

The skill set of these urban warriors has multiplied since we last looked into this. A deep understanding of the cat flap technology is only the start of it. Campaigner Mrs Keeler, from Lambeth, who is a victim - probably generally, but also specifically of vermin intrusion - tells of their wiles.

And Mrs Keeler has has a variety of animals break into her house. In 1998 two sika deer spent three days living in the cupboard under the stairs. However getting them out of the house was child's play compared with a fox. Once in a house foxes are harder than a shoddy double glazing salesman to shift.

They'll leave quietly
when asked

Thankfully people are beginning to see the dangers these would be child eaters pose, as these comments show the tide is turning.

As I've been saying for some time now, chubby drunks, sweating horses and angry dogs are the best way to deal with these wild animals. That's right wild animals, it's strong language I know but a fox is a wild animal like a Jaguar, a Killer White Shark or a Black Mamba - they know no mercy.

Even more heartwarming are the glad tidings that David Cameron is taking a lead against this insurrection. The Coalition has agreed there'll be a free vote on repealing the Hunting ban this parliament and the PM has promised his vote to our gallant defenders the Countryside alliance.

As the Daily Mail's brave commentary on the never ending attacks shows; this repeal can't come too soon for the sake of our children, our fee paying foreign students and our oversize red jacket manufacturers. Gawd bless em.

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