Saturday, 16 April 2011

You can prove anything with numbers

Theresa May - terrified of some of her conservative friends being voted out under AV (She's not too concerned for herself being MP for Maidenhead. They'd vote in Hitler's more-evil little brother if he wore a blue rosette. And he would.) has waded into the debate with some HARD FACTS.

Based on her assumption that the people she leads are in fact complete balloons she's stated that AV would disenfranchise voters who are too stupid to understand how to complete a ballot paper. She's even given us some numbers, 2,000,000 people are as thick as pig shit according to the Home secretary.

She's based this 2,000,000 numpties on an examination of the rates of spoiling of ballot papers in the UK and Australia where AV's used.

In the UK around 1% of ballot papers are spoiled, she tells us and who are we to dispute that. It's unlikely a politician would ever tell a fib. In Oz 2.8% of papers were spoiled. This unequivocally demonstrates just how hard it is to vote under AV, there's no other explanation possible.

There's absolutely no chance at all that there's a higher rate of spoiled ballot papers down-under because they have compulsory voting. It would be madness to imagine a scenario where someone who's pissed at having to vote (Or being a stereotypical Ozzie, just pissed) intentionally cocking it up by accident on purpose. No way could that explain the disparity in spoiled ballot paper rates, you'd be mad to think it could.

When I put this point to her Mrs May replied "How the hell did you get in my house? Get out now! I'm calling the police!" Ever the slimy politician avoiding the important questions.
Theresa prepares to be the first serving member
of the cabinet to go to the moon.
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