Wednesday, 27 April 2011

PM has too much time on his hands

The Prime Minister's, ever-so funny, outburst at a Labour front-bench harpy in PMQs today has lead to an inadvertent revelation that the man is obsessed with TV commercials.

His "Calm down dear" quip had him, and his chief fag Georgie Osborne, rolling in the aisles, so much so that he couldn't resist saying it over and over. What a laugh he is.

But c'mere - there's more (As his great hero Jimmy Cricket used to say) this isn't his first foray into the world of advertising slogans. Yesterday when making up some additional lies about AV he said

"It is a system that is so clear that it can be summed up in one sentence – we all vote for our favourite and the one with the most votes wins. Simples."

Before that in 2009 that he told an LGA audience to "Just do it" aping the world wide Nike adverts.

Of course his favourite and most famous example of advert borrowing was back in 2007 while talking about the dangers of immigration to a local Conservative association in Shropshire.

"There are of course both benefits and dangers to increased immigration from Africa, one only has to remember that they're so chocolatey they even turn the milk brown."

The daft racist.

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