Monday, 25 April 2011

Man's house still near bus stop

North East Lincolnshire council nazis have astounded all reasonable tax payers by continuing with the madness that means one of their bus stops is still outside someone's house.

Disabled Mr Kent (and you know he's properly disabled and not one of those pretend disability allowance scroungers cos he's got a stick in the photo and not a bottle of cider) has been left exasperated at the council's 'completely illogical' use of yellow road markings to indicate where the bus stop is and always has been.

Mr Kent - known to locals as clockwork-Kenty - is unlucky in that it seems he's only capable of leaving or returning to his house at given 10 minute intervals which coincide perfectly with the number 14 bus timetable. Thus leaving him in the improbable situation where "...every time I want to go out or come back in there's a bus parked across my driveway"

Inflaming the situation for the 64 year old is the fact people wait at the bus stop - presumable for the bus - and have been doing so for fifteen years despite him banging on about it to the council.

I'll leave the final word on the situation to MB from Manchester who's answering bus-loving-communist Benny's earlier comment.

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