Sunday, 3 April 2011

Vote yes and we'll gag Kris

Don't vote yes - they're all racialists. This appears to be a key argument being used by the No campaign and sustained by the Mail.

First there was the lie about the BNP thugs getting more votes than normal people and now it seems that a Yes leaflet in London has a picture of a black poet on it and in Cornwall and other places a picture of Baldrick.

The Yes campaign explain this by saying "We have a number of endorsers and we vary the endorsers we use on our leaflets." Presumably using celebrity endorsers where they feel they'll have the most resonance and relevance.

The charge of racism is still further undermined as the Yes campaign, bafflingly, used annoying runner Kris Akabusi as a positive reason to vote for them. Maybe the angle is "Vote for us and we promise he'll never laugh again."

Is it Kris or Carlton Banks?
The main reason for pushing a racist agenda onto the Yes campaign is a pre-emptive defence against the fact that the BNP supports the No campaign. Surely this fact alone should be reason enough for everyone with functioning sense of self respect to vote yes. 
BNP support NotoAV campaign

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