Tuesday, 5 April 2011

But why?

Maybe there's a major story brewing and they're gauging their readership's views. Maybe the news editor got caught behind a woman with 3 kids in Waitrose, or maybe they've just run out of things to ask.

What have I missed, why is this a poll in the news section?

Looking at the photo the little girl seems to think so. She'd fix the family size at three and happily deal with that usurper baby brother if left alone with him for five minutes.

In a timely but unexpected leak from Richard Littlejohn's computer (He does find them difficult to work and the coffee cup holder's broken on his new Amiga) I've been telexed upcoming polls for the next week...

  • Is torture ever morally right in today's comprehensive schools?
  • Isn't it time to sterilise anyone on less money than you?
  • Or with browner skin?
  • Maggie, would you?
  • Would things have been all that bad had we lost WW2?
  • Do we know too much, should scientists stop now?
  • Does this cause cancer?
I look forward to the results.


Thanks to geeoharee for pointing out below it's not as mad as it first seems. There really is a reason, phew thought they were going nuts for a moment.

Apparently father of one, and Bill Oddie wannabe, Chris Packham wants tax cuts for people with, I assume, less than two children. Also in his agenda for change is a request for a Badger benefit payment for people with nice big gardens and a VAT rebate for camouflage outdoor wear, even if you're not in the army.
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