Sunday, 24 July 2011

A lot of hot air

In an extraordinary weekend of horror in Norway, pop star tragedy, "Right wing nutters" trying to ruin the global economy, Greece borrowing another couple of quid to see them through the weekend and drug addled soap stars finding Jesus it's good to see the Mail keeping its eye out for unusual, but important, world news.

We've this keen eye for a story to thank for the astounding revelation that a man in America doesn't turn on his Air Conditioning. Let me give you a second to come to terms with this - it's a biggie I know.

Stan saves a fortune on electricity
but stinks
Despite Mr Cox living in baking Salina, Kansas he still refuses to turn on his A/C for a variety of reasons including expense, the rise in numbers of fat kids and global warming. Luckily if this story has piqued your interest in life without air conditioning he's published his grumpy old man rants in a book. I can only hope he goes into more detail about his innovative ideas for keeping cool without the use of machinery. Complex ideas such as wearing shorts and sitting in the shade surely need some more explanation as the links between these ideas and my own temperature are difficult to fathom.

Rumours of a string of similar stories breaking around the world are starting to come to light. Apparently there is a 39 year old woman in Baden Baden, Germany who refuses to take an umbrella out  despite being aware there's a 63% chance of precipitation. Where will this madness end? Best Blogger Tips

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