Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Is George Osborne a psychopath?

And by that I don't mean that he murders street kids after enticing them into his hired Lexus with promises of free smack and Polish vodka. I've not found any evidence that he's done this and frankly you should be ashamed of yourself for thinking he's got corpses stashed in a Big Yellow Storage depot in Croydon and holds tea parties with them dressed up as impish Victorian urchins. This is unlikely to have happened.

There's no evidence he's
killed anyone

No, I wonder how his behaviour would contrast with a diagnosed psychopath if they had been delivering the budget speech today.

Psychopathy can be diagnosed utilising a 20 point checklist devised by a Dr. Hare. The 20 traits described include; glib and superficial charm, shallow affect, cunning and manipulativeness, lack of remorse or guilt and juvenile delinquency amongst others.

George's Hookers and Coke youth accounts for the last point but in his selling of the upper tax bracket reduction is there evidence of other, sociopathic, traits?

There's no doubt about about his glib charm, his smarmyness knows little bounds so what about the others?

Imagine if there was a psychopath who was desperate to pay less tax but was in such a position that criminally evading payment would be spotted in an instant, if he was chancellor for instance. Do you not think he'd use his cunning and manipulativeness to make sure that people thought his tax bill was bad for them? Using all his super - psycho powers to get the media on side and drip feed a narrative that him being out of pocket was bad for everyone, rich and poor alike.

Then when it had been kicked through into law he could show a complete lack of remorse by pointing out that it wasn't such a big deal anyway, after all it raised "next to nothing". That next to nothing was in fact one billion pounds, enough to "Provide hope" to 160,000 youngsters according to the Deputy Prime Minister.

Looking through the other dozen or so Psycho traits here I score Mr Osbourne as a conservative 22 points out of Peter Sutcliffe possible 40. Not enough to be a full blown nutjob but maybe a man who has criminal tendencies.

So if he's not mental then the 10% tax cut for Britain's wealthiest must be solely down to self serving greed and the sexually motivated murders are just a hobby.

Disclaimer : George Osborne, wall paper heir and chancellor of the exchequer, does not kill homeless people for sexual kicks. Or for their money.
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  1. Yes he is a psychopath. All politicians are.

  2. Do you think if I punched him in his doughy face his beady black eyes would bulge?