Sunday, 19 February 2012

Proof God doesn't exist

It's been a tough week for atheists, God's been wheeling out his big hitters to gloat over him using all his unworldly power to make a 70 year old man have a memory lapse.

The problem many unbelievers have is that there is just such a glut of evidence in favour of God. Here we have Allah in a tomato...
Proof of life
Jesus in a fish finger...
Funny how you never see God and
Captain Birdseye together.
Makes you think eh?
And I can't find any Jewish images so their religion must just be made up.

Like the Jews, atheists didn't have any evidence for their point of view (aside from all the science stuff that contradicts the rubbish written in religious texts; but that doesn't seem to hold much weight with suicide bombers) until now.

Last night after a long cold walk in the rain I put the fire on to warm up and was confronted by a sign that Darwin himself would have understood as vindication of evolution - clear indication that we're here by chance and have evolved over millions of years into the neurotic angry animals we are today.

I give you fire chimp.
Fire Chimp delivers the truth
Somebody ring the pope the gig's up, he's out of work.
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