Sunday, 6 November 2011

Glutton for punishment

Sometimes, when I've exhausted poring over the Daily Mail for things that annoy me enough to bang on about them here, I like to see what other crazies in the world have to say.

I like to look at the BiasedBBC blog - they seem to think that as it's license payers money paying for Radio 4's Today programme it really should be a propaganda instrument for the Israeli army. I've no idea why a blog that should be angry about the wrong coloured ties being worn when monarchs drop dead is actually more concerned with god bothering nutters blowing each other up at the other end of the Mediterranean, but whatever makes them happy. It's good to get it off your chest.

However the gold medal for mentalness is reserved for Fox Nation. This is a chance to worship at the altar of Sarah Palin, complain that the Occupy protesters smell and kill puppies and prove how un-racist you are by liking Herman Caine. Aside from politics and justice and media and campus (Includes a story about Wisconsin Uni professors being banned from carrying concealed weapons) they have a section set aside for culture.

So what passes for culture in the Fox Nation?

Why bare naked ladies of course, and I've been paying no attention to culture previously as I thought it was all about dusty paintings, classical music not good enough for adverts and un-rhyming poetry.
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  1. First !!!!!!!!

    Shouldn't this be titled "Neither angry NOR scared" ?

  2. Person the barricades !9 November 2011 at 22:29

    That's simply not true !!!!

    Your employing an outdated, bourgeois-fascist-colonialist usage of grammar to try any quiet the truth of this fine blogger's arguments.

    One day (very soon !) the like of you, Mr so-called Educator will be dragged kicking and (I hope) screaming into the vibrant and diverse 21st century. Your 'superior' speech has no relevance here !

  3. Quieten ye down, wench, or I shall set the dogs on you !

    Now then, where's my dinner, eh ?

  4. Person the barricades !9 November 2011 at 22:35

    Get your own dinner you medieval relic. I'm not your slave !

    And your dogs don't frighten me.

  5. The Educator's Dogs9 November 2011 at 22:37

    Woof ! Woof ! Grrrr !!!

  6. Leave her alone you paternalist scumbag !

  7. Aha ! Another one who longs for the rough-end of my wrath !

    Here's a hound for you, completely different commenter !

  8. Put the cooker on Barricades The Educator's right.

    It should be Nor 'cos that's how English works. Unfortunately I started this series of rants thinking it'd fizzle out soon afterwards. It's now too late change it and we're stuck with it.

    I believe he likes his pork chops grilled and covered with Daddies sauce.

  9. Previously superfluous but now gainfully employed Educator's Dog9 November 2011 at 22:41

    Woof ! Woof ! Grrrr !