Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Tongue-twist news

Obviously experimenting with a new way to drag in readers it appears the Health (now with extra super-dangerous advice on how to get, avoid or cook up a tasty treat made of cancer) section is utilising tongue twisters as headlines.

Or maybe it's the punchline to a racist joke about Ambre Solaire unexpectedly finding its way into a Chinese takeaway?

Note - there's no link to the story as it appears the cool website that allows you to link to Daily Mail stories without having to link to Mailonline itself has been threatened with legal action if it doesn't jack it in. This is such a shame and I certainly hope the good people / person responsible finds some clever way of moving the site to Nepal or the Arctic and letting vindictive bloggers like myself keep away the six or eight hits a day from their advertising revenue that obviously keep the wolves away from Paul Dacre's door.

Have a look at the site - especially exhibit B showing an example of the Mail copying someone else's work and passing it off as their own. 

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