Thursday, 30 December 2010

First post...

So this is the first post of my first blog and I should set out why I've decided to start "sharing" my ramblings with the world.

It's mainly the Daily Mail's fault.

I've become obsessed with the website ( and am spending an inordinate amount of time on there reading the articles and then the reader's comments.

The stories are predictable, as more astute observers than I have noted they have an obsession with:-

  • Benefit scroungers
  • Speed cameras
  • Hitler
  • Immigrants
  • House prices
  • Cancer
As well as many other subjects designed to make the reader frightened, angry and eager to blame someone for their woes.

The reader's comments, at the end of each article, take these prompts and run with them down a terrifying spiral to a hell on earth where we're seconds away from being murdered in our beds. By immigrant benefit scroungers with speed cameras (Which studies have shown may cause cancer), this is then driving house prices down. Hitler wouldn't have stood for it.

Now I've tried engaging the commentators but unfortunately the comments are moderated and so many of my pleas for perspective and rationalism make their way into the ethersphere never to be heard of again.

So here we are. I'm going to use this blog to set out my view of how society should be. I'll be drawing my inspiration from the Daily Mail in that if I'm unsure of my stance on a subject I'll look on there and it'll be the direct opposite of that.

At least I hope it will... Best Blogger Tips

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